Toronto Crime Alerts For Your Address

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Remember when you saw a shooting in Toronto on the news. And thought to yourself 🤔, "it would have been great if I knew about this while it was happening, not 4 hours later".

Well that's exactly what my fiancée was thinking when there was a shooting a block away from our condo (we're at King and Spadina).

And so I built TorCrime alerts, for people like her (and her of course), who are aware of the risks that come with living in Toronto. But also LOVE where they live.

This gives her more peace of mind. If she sees a TorCrime alert about someone walking around with a knife (or gun) near a restaurant she was planning on visiting with her friends. She'll play it safe and go to one of the other million options instead (❤️ Toronto).

If you also like to avoid scenarios that may cause you physical and/or emotional harm: For only $2.99 a month (less than a cup of ☕️) you can get real time alerts when a crime is reported near your address. No brainer right?

Here's what it looks like: 

PS: 25% of all profits will be donated to The Covenant House Toronto.

We use your billing address as your crime alert address. By creating an account you can change your address and manage your subscription.

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